Kruk Garage is Kiev-based upcycling workshop. The idea of making something out of upcycling materials was born few years earlier through long time love of vintage things combined with desire to create handmade goods. So 2015 our workshop got started. Here we are inspired by vintage goods and giving new life to them in our items through carefully selected materials, excellent craftsmanship and high quality fittings. Our goods are handcrafted in limited series or one-of-kind and each of them is numbered. We use exclusively found materials - military duffle bags, belts, fabrics, hardware etc, some of them are dated back to the WW2 era. Items by Kruk Garage are made for those people, who look for unique piece. Every item by Kruk Garage has its own history and tell the story of its time. So we love to say, that you can find the history behind every our item. Story in details. Handcrafted in Ukraine.