Anastasia & Maksim

It was one of the most memorable weddings of last summer. One continuous emotion. Endless laughter and a lot of happiness. Very funny friends and a feeling of complete freedom. Guests and Nastya with Maxim just enjoyed this day. Without thinking about anything more. Really relaxed and celebrated. Morning started for us from a shock. The bride herself makes a wedding make-up! This we saw for the first time. It was not like everyone else. And set the tone for the whole holiday.

And there could have been nothing of this, but for the ease and adventurism of Nastya. Or it's all about the same song Hurts - only you. Okay, all the songs of this group and that very first joint trip to the concert. Maxim prepared for the proposal carefully. It was almost a quest. I warned beforehand that I was not planning anything, I took me far beyond the city, I blindfolded and ... flew! At sunset, in a balloon basket, in a spray of MOET, she told him "Of course I'll go out!". Romance in its pure form. With a perfect ring helped mother jeweler. But Nastia is so thin and delicate that the very decoration had to be reduced to a size of 14.7.